Amazing experience! A must do for anyone visiting the area.

April 20, 2019

My husband and I did this tour on April 14, 2019. From beginning to end, it was fabulous. Starting with Jordan who picked us up at our hotel in beautiful transportation, he was polite and offered all sorts of knowledge about the Vegas area and answered all our questions. Christina and Tristan at the office greeted us in a friendly professional manor and the check in / safety demonstration was quick and easy. Our pilot Jim was exceptional! Not only was he a great pilot (it felt like we were floating on air), but he also provided loads of knowledge about the areas we flew over, (little towns, golf courses, volcanos, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, underground town) and of course the big attraction...The Canyon. He played great music, was funny and made it a completely enjoyable time. We purchased the video that was taken of the entire trip (including narration) from cameras attached to the helicopter and highly recommend it. ($40 cash or $54 credit) You are allowed to take pics and videos with your own camera, but their cameras capture everything and the quality is excellent! Will definitely recommend Serenity Helicopter Tours to everyone! 10++

- ErinMar1117

Awesome Experience

April 19, 2019

After being really nervous about flying in a helicopter for the first time this turned out to be a truly amazing experience. The pilot, Mike “dr” Love was first class. This was a really personal experience and all the staff at Serenity were lovely.

- 886paulv


April 16, 2019

One of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Mad Dog (our pilot) made the experience absolutely unforgettable. I would recommend this company to anyone. We were picked up directly from our hotel and driven to the Boulder City airport. Our driver was very professional and shared a great amount of knowledge about the history of Las Vegas and our surroundings. The staff at Serenity Helicopters provided 5 star service! I would highly recommend them.

- alallani95


April 14, 2019

This was a last minute decision to take this trip and probably the best decision we made. Very friendly staff made it relaxing. The views were out of this world as was the pilot. MAD DOG was just brilliant. Very informative and had us all belly laughing throughout. Felt very safe and relaxed. Would do this again if Mad Dog was our pilot. Thank you, Serenity, for the best experience.

- Barry M

Highlight of Las Vegas

April 11, 2019

What an amazing trip! Fantastic small company that treats you wonderfully! From booking it, the communication, the 1st class pickup and ride from Miko, the team that safely got you ready to fly, and our pilot Michael Maddog who entertained us the whole time with his spirit, passion, knowledge and humor. Everything and everybody were fantastic!

- Michael G

April 5, 2019

Wow. Great service, great ride to and from hotel (Devin picked a great tune set and drove safely but not like a turtle), fabulous service when you walk in (Alise, another Devin) and nothing but praise for our pilot, Mike aka "Mad Dog." IMPORTANT: 100% safety record What a great time! I am afraid of heights and had enough time in helicopters in my life, and generally disagree with the annoying hum of helicopters in our national treasures. But, my husband really wanted to go see the Grand Canyon and we knew our daughter would enjoy. We went all out and booked a private ride, not necessary, but relatively affordable with Serenity. Despite my previous hesitation, I WOULD DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN. Cresting into the canyon literally made me cry and I learned sooooo much. Landing was cool. I love champagne, but it paled in comparison to the canyon, so didn't really drink because the natural beauty consumed me.

- Lisa M.

"WOW, just WOW!" Sunset Wedding tour

April 2, 2019

5 stars is not enough for Serenity Helicopters! Absolutely amazing from start to finish! Smooth and easy planning with absolutely everything being taken care of by Serenity. This company truly loves what they do and it shows! They ensure you have the best experience of your life. You leave feeling like part of the family. We could not have asked for anything more. They went above and beyond. We did not meet the officiant or photographer prior to arriving at their hanger and all I can say is WOW! The quality of service from the people they choose to work with is unlike anything you can begin to imagine. Even in my wildest dreams I never have imaged this experience would have been so epic!

- alioup85

March 31, 2019

As I planned this trip, I started researching helicopter tours. I quickly found several options. After digging deeper, I found that Serenity has a PERFECT safety record. I am not suggesting that some of the other operators are unsafe in any way, but I liked how Serenity places their commitment to safety as a priority on their website. Adventure & fun were a factor in my planning, but being in safe hands is most important! My friend & I booked the Sky Dancer Landing & Picnic tour. Since we were driving, we skipped the shuttle service provided by Serenity from Vegas. Instead, we received instructions on where to park at Boulder City Airport and to call once we arrived. After we parked, Christina quickly came out to greet us & to let us into Serenity's private terminal. I took my iPhone to get photos & my sunglasses. I asked Christina if I should grab my jacket, but she assured me that the weather would be similar to what we were feeling at the airport. Feel free to call ahead if you want to ask about bringing a jacket. The staff is well aware of the weather in/around the canyon. The lounge is very comfortable, well decorated, & has clean restrooms. After check-in, the staff chatted with us and offered us plenty of drink options while we awaited our flight. It was obvious that everyone at Serenity loves working there. The staff explained what we should expect & gave us some preliminary instructions. Once the helicopter was prepared, the staff prepared us & the other guests who were joining us on the flight to head out to the helipad. Once on the helipad, the staff took a few photos of us with their camera in front of the helicopter. You will have the option to purchase the photos later. The staff helped us board the helicopter & got us buckled in. Once onboard, our pilot greeted us. We were lucky enough to get Maddog Mike. Maddog has a bit of a reputation for being a favorite pilot for Serenity's tours. I quickly found out why! Once we were settled onboard, Maddog got our headsets in place and ensured we were briefed on the helicopter's safety procedures. I appreciated his attention to detail to ensure we were all safe/comfortable! As you lift off, Maddog uses his personal playlist to play music that we could hear in our headsets throughout the flight. He did a good job at choosing appropriate and fun music. Any commentary from your pilot overrides the music so you won't miss anything. Maddog was sure to point out the sights and discuss the geology & history of the area/Grand Canyon West. He also touched on some of the native American trips that live in & around the canyon. Maddog seems to know his stuff. Maddog might suggest that you don't get caught up in taking too many photos because he wants you to not miss a moment of the flight. But, if you're like me, I like getting photos & videos along the way and you're welcome to take as many as you like! We flew by Hoover Dam, over Lake Mead, & then towards Grand Canyon West. Maddog was happy to answer questions along the way & continued pointing out sights. Expect Maddog to make more than a few jokes! As we approached the canyon we flew past the Skywalk. The descent into the canyon was breathtaking! You descend towards the floor as the canyon's walls rise around you. Maddog made a smooth touchdown at Serenity's landing site on the canyon floor. The views are tremendous. You can see the Colorado River not far from the landing site. The landing site has a few benches and a picnic table. Maddog got the picnic/drinks setup while my friend & I walked around the area to get a few photos & to enjoy the canyon. We eventually joined the other passengers/Maddog at one of the tables where we chatted for a bit and enjoyed the picnic. You are welcome to simply sit on a bench or rock & connect with the canyon or you can chat with your pilot/other passengers while enjoying the picnic. I did a bit of both & got a few photos with our helicopter sitting in the canyon. It's so peaceful on the floor of the canyon. After about 40 minutes on the floor the canyon, Maddog got us back into the helicopter for our return flight. The views on the route back to the airport are not quite as stunning, but still awesome. If you want to get any videos or photos on our flight of the canyon around you, take them as you begin your descent into the canyon. Maddog continued to play music for us & to point out sights. Back at the airport, we said farewell to Maddog & passed along some gratuity. You can also leave gratuity for your pilot in an envelope provided inside the terminal. Once back inside, you can view/purchase the photos that the staff had taken earlier. The staff offered us some more drinks. The lounge staff have a tip jar on the counter, so remember to bring a bit of cash for a tip as you will love everyone working here! If you get Maddog as your pilot, be prepared for some wild commentary & jokes along the way!

- Justin M.

Sunset Wedding tour -- A M A Z I N G!

March 31, 2019

My sister just got married last week at Sunset on a Wedding Canyon Tour with Serenity Helicopters. It was absolutely fabulous: easy, comfortable pick up / drop off from the Strip, all details taken care of (flowers, cake, champagne, attendant, photographer,) we just needed to show up in our wedding best. An absolutely amazing experience -- could not have gotten this quality experience from any other company!

- adventuresabound325

Best way to see the Grand Canyon

March 29, 2019

My daughter and I came to Nevada to visit my aunt and uncle. While in Nevada the Grand Canyon was a must on our list. We decided a helicopter ride with a light lunch in the Grand Canyon would make some amazing memories. Serenity helicopter did this for us. Serenity helicopters makes sure to personalize your trip. All the staff and the owner knew our names and carried on conversations with us, giving us other tips of what else there is to do and see. While we waited for our trip, we had drinks available. Our pilot was Mad Dog, he was AWESOME. He made us laugh the whole trip. Once at the bottom the food was good, the sights breath-taking, and a thrilling take-off out of the canyon. Well worth the price!! Thank you, Serenity helicopters.

- Heidi R