Grand Canyon helicopter tour with west rim picnic

October 10, 2018

Visited Las Vegas in September and had already booked with Serenity before we travelled. They had been recommended and they did not disappoint, from the hotel pick up in the air-conditioned van with the personal iPads to the well-informed pilot Christie, private landing place for Serenity use only and the perfect champagne picnic could not have had a better experience. It was a wonderful experience thank you Christie. Would highly recommend.

- 220ann

Amazing experience!

October 9, 2018

Everything about this experience was fantastic. The company is highly professional, friendly and know exactly what they are doing which is always reassuring when taking to the skies! Our pilot, Mike 'mad dog' Davis was brill. His insight into the canyon made it even more mind blowing and definitely got us thinking! Plus, his sound track was spot on: Who doesn’t want to listen to bohemian rhapsody whilst cruising over the Grand Canyon! An experience we will never forget :)

- Dancer1987

Absolutely first class!!

October 4, 2018

This really was a special trip for us, and was our first time in a helicopter. The whole team at Serenity were very polite and professional. We were moved from a morning to a sunset tour due to weather and was emailed and phoned at the hotel and arrangements were changed very smoothly. We were taken to the airport in a luxury people carrier and given safety briefing. Our drinks order for the dinner was also taken. At the airport we were checked in and taken to the helicopter where we met our pilot "mad dog". What a great guy, with a great sense of humour. Alongside his personality he is obviously a very experienced pilot who flew so confidently and smoothly. The journey to the canyon was stunning, informative, with a great soundtrack. After landing in the canyon, we were served a lovely meal and drinks in a lovely setting. We then headed back watching the sunset, to a more relaxed soundtrack with more wise words from "mad dog". We also bought the recording of the trip on a USB which is now a treasured possession. Would highly recommend and give credit to all a serenity for a superb trip to the canyon.

- Craig M

Excellent! Fantastic! Superb!

October 3, 2018

Awesome! Spectacular! Incredible! Mic picked us up from Treasure Island resort and then we picked up 2 more participants from a nearby resort. We had a swift ride out to Boulder City and Mic entertained us with stories of Vegas. The ladies in the terminal held onto our bags (purses too) for the afternoon. They encouraged a final visit to the washrooms and planned the weight distribution. I was fortunate to sit in the front seat. This is where we met our Pilot Mad Dog Davis. I can't say enough good things about Mad Dog. Supremely competent with 18 years and over 8000 hours of flying experience. Some was as a rescue pilot flying in the most extreme conditions. Add in years as a disc jockey and standup comedian and he was the perfect host. In addition to piloting he was porter, server, entertainer, disc jockey and prophet. The food was hot and enjoyable. A bit salty for my tastes but that is probably a crowd pleaser. This will go down in my top 5 of lifetime events.

- Ian L

Would do it again

October 2, 2018

So glad we did this. Would do this all over again! Only way to see the Grand Canyon. Mike Love is the best pilot. You have no worries.

- Dave V

Serenity Helicopter flight to Grand Canyon

October 2, 2018

Best tour we have ever done!!! We have travelled around the world and have seen many amazing things but this trip topped them all! Our pilot Jim, a veteran who flew Black Hawk helicopters in Afghanistan, was incredible! Great sense of humor, very knowledgeable and his music was perfect! He made you feel safe and comfortable from the get go and the views were spectacular!! When you first fly over the rim and into the Grand Canyon, it literally overwhelms you... it’s so beautiful!! It is a MUST DO for anyone visiting the Vegas area. Thanks again for the trip of a lifetime Jim!!

- Goodie64

October 2, 2018

On 9/30/18 I got to experience a day to remember in my lifetime! Jim Gisclair was our pilot and tour guide and he made the trip personalized and fun for everyone. Little does one know but Jim is an Army veteran with many years of flying experience. That came into play as we had to go through small rain showers and he not only handled it like a pro but showed us how a helicopter can create a rainbow as well. We got to see the end of the rainbow! He provided lots history to the area as we flew. I didn't know there was a dormant volcano and how early settlers migrated through the area. We landed on the Hualapi Indian reservation just outside Grand Canyon NP and got to take some beautiful pictures and have a light picnic. Well worth the trip! Also, the staff were very courteous and helpful. Most importantly, organized!

- Kent S.

Amazing trip

September 28, 2018

This was the absolute highlight of our trip to Vegas. If you can afford it this is a once in a lifetime experience! The booking process was easy and dealing with the reservation staff was so pleasant. Our pilot (Mike) was a real character, his commentary and choice of music for the flight were great. Our evening meal at the bottom of the Grand Canyon was fabulous and something we will never forget along with our sunset flight back to Boulder City.

- Inspire273846

50th Birthday celebration

September 26, 2018

For my wife's 50th birthday we decided on a trip to the States from our home in Ireland, spending three nights in New York and Four in Vegas with the highlight being a helicopter trip on the day of her birthday sept 19th, We booked Serenity after checking out various operators on TripAdvisor and decided on the breakfast tour, the day before we received a call saying they needed four pax for the trip and didn't have that number but would put us on the sunset trip instead, so we opted for this as it gave us a bit of a rest as we'd been travelling and sight seeing non stop up till this. So our luxury transport arrived in the afternoon and it was exactly that a super kitted out vehicle with leather seats and individual iPads for each seat, towards the end of the short trip to Boulder Airport we received the safety brief and then we arrived at the airport, after a short introduction and safety equipment we headed out to the aircraft and met with our pilot, Mad dog Mike and boy is he a character full of wit and knowledge, straight after take off his select choice of music kicked in to our headsets fitting in perfectly with our surroundings. On the trip out over the Hoover Dam and Joshua trees he really impressed with his knowledge of all the land marks and features on the way to the Canyon, upon arrival to the edge of the canyon the crescendo of the tune kicked in just as he dropped the nose of the heli over the edge making the hair stand on the back of my neck as we swooped down lower skirting the cliff walls passed the sky walk and onto our landing zone. Once we landed and rotors had stopped we had a few minutes to take in the spectacular views before Dinner was served, I don't think I'll ever have an evening meal in such a beautiful setting with the mighty Colorado River below and the last rays of the sun kissing the highest tips of the Canyon cliffs, I reckon it'd be hard to beat anywhere in the USA or even Ireland for the matter, after Dinner we had time to explore and take photos while watching a couple take their wedding vows, a short distance away so after finishing up and wishing the newly weds all the best we boarded for the trip back. Once again Mad Dog's music choice real fitted in with the scenes on the way back, his ability to make all the passengers feel at ease and involved in the flight is truly amazing. once the sun dipped below the hills ahead he piped up EH miss Rita birthday girl (my wife) how about we give you a second sunset and with that up he popped another hundred feet and yep we all got a second look at the sunset. this was just one of too many to mention moments of Mad Dog madness which really helped make this a magical experience for us. As this was probably a once in a lifetime trip I am so pleased and happy we chose Serenity I know other companies offer the same and I can't comment on those but Man our trip way exceeded our expectations and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Serenity for your once in a life time trip to the Grand Canyon.

- IrelandTheOne

Great service, great experience

September 23, 2018

I've always wanted to fly in a helicopter so we took a trip to Vegas just for this. After researching a number of companies, we decided to go with Serenity, and were very happy we did. Our pilot (Kristy or Christie, not sure how her name was spelled) was terrific. She was kind, fun, and informative without it feeling forced like she was putting on a show. She let the tour speak for itself. All of the staff was also great, constantly offering free drinks and wanting to know if there is anything they can do to help. We paid extra for a couple things and are glad we did. One was to have a little picnic at the Grand Canyon, it was fun to land and take-off an extra time, and was also nice to enjoy a little time at the canyon. We also paid for the front seat guarantee. This cost an extra $50 p/p, but the views from the front of the chopper were quite a bit better than the back, especially if you are in the center seats in the back.

- zracoon