Trip of a lifetime! Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour West Rim Picnic

June 21, 2018

Had a spectacular flight with Mad Dog "Mike" through the Grand Canyon. It was truly breathtaking in every sense. He was extremely knowledgeable and pointed out very interesting things all along the way which really enhanced our appreciation of the amazing terrain we were flying over. When we stopped on the West Rim for the picnic -he took care of everything, it was really enjoyable and we got chance to take some incredible photos as well. This was truly a trip of a lifetime and Mad Dog is not only a fantastic pilot he was the best guide ever! The staff at Serenity were fabulous and made it a truly exceptional experience. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Mad Dog & Serenity Helicopters. This trip is a MUST!

- Dezi K

Pure serenity

June 20, 2018

I have no words to describe the experience with Serenity. Well… maybe a few. “Serenity” comes to mind, strangely enough. The helicopter ride was just that. Pure serenity. Flying high over the area, then into the Grand Canyon, was likely one of my most peaceful collection of moments of my life. There’s something that’s hard to describe about a welcoming staff, a great pilot, and relaxing music accompanying the narration about the area. As we own a company in the tourism industry in Costa Rica, our expectations are generally pretty high. At EcoVida Costa Rica, we have prided ourselves on trying to provide exceptional service and the people at Serenity are (I hate to say it) even better than us! All of these things combined brought me a peacefulness that is hard to describe, especially to those who may find flying a bit anxiety-provoking. Not for me. It made me reconsider my dream to get my helicopter license. It made me ponder a lot of things while flying and then having a great dinner on a rock outcropping inside the Grand Canyon. First good beer I had in the Vegas area as well. Since I don’t remember everyone’s name, I won’t mention any – but everyone working at Serenity was amazing. I wish you all every success in the future.

- Dave and Shanno... P

“Mad Dog” Davis Solo helicopter tour

June 16, 2018

I went to undergraduate school in Flagstaff, Arizona and have done at least half a dozen helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon and this one was by far and away the best that I have ever been on! I had the good fortune to have Mike “Mad Dog” Davis as my pilot and the tour absolutely would not have been the same without him! Do yourself a favor and book this tour NOW and make sure you REQUEST MAD DOG! He’s very good at what he does... make sure you really listen to his presentation along the way. You’ll be dialed in to another frequency and you will come away a changed person for it!

- krittenberrysr

WOW - absolutely amazing!

June 14, 2018

Loved every minute of this great experience! The pick up outside our hotel was on time & Nico our driver was awesome! Great guy, soothing voice (which did help as I was never in a helicopter before and therefore a bit nervous lol), spacious, clean, fresh smelling van, bottle of water, cheerful "good morning" and off we went. VERY comfortable ride to the airport with 2 more stops to pick up fellow guests. Info video in the car, iPads, charging devices for iPhone, leather seats, all very professional & a great start. At Serenity Helicopters everything was a breeze. More safety info, more water, more lovely people. Then we got to the helicopter - had pictures taken and were "loaded" into the helicopter. Cole Payne our pilot was absolutely lovely - explained everything to us, very professional, really nice voice and good knowledge about the surroundings. As we took off I was totally relaxed and just enjoyed the ride. Amazing views… but the BEST moment was when we entered the Grand Canyon! I will never forget that feeling when Cole said: "...welcome to the Grand Canyon, guys" and the ground just opened up - as I got our trip on video I can watch it again & again lol. The power of this place is overwhelming! So beautiful, so peaceful, so special! Really enjoyed our time on the ground, just soaking in this magical place & view. Enjoyed our lovely picnic (yummy bagel with cream cheese & grapes as well as some cold drinks) and could not stop admiring the setting we were in. We didn’t want to leave - it was stunning! Will do it again for sure and would love to fly with Cole again! THANKS for making this trip so fabulous for us! (Morning trip June 2nd 2018)

- BouncyHoney

The ultimate 60th birthday

June 13, 2018

100% fulfilled from start to finish! In the hotel we were picked up by a friendly driver with a luxurious minibus. Arrived at the airport in Boulder we were led to the helicopter. As soon as we got in the helicopter, our pilot, Mike Mad Dog Davis, introduced himself. Everyone was ready, the adventure could begin. With his "geological" knowledge, but also his very safe flying style, Mike completely convinced and inspired all guests. After the very quiet, interesting and stunning flight to the Grand Canyon the next highlight was presented. Mike laid a table with a white tablecloth, lovingly placed a plant as decoration on the table. He served the dinner we had previously chosen in the van. It was a unique experience - the silence of the canyon, the excellent dinner with a glass of wine and the interesting and amusing anecdotes of Mike. After dinner in the wilderness we had enough time to feel the silence and the stories of the canyon and to take pictures of the most beautiful birthday. But everything has an end and Mad Dog invited us to get back in the helicopter. But it went on..... under the motto "flying like an eagle" Mike let the helicopter glide along the craggy gorges and valleys of the canyon illuminated by the evening sun. The crowning glory of the beautiful excursion was the flight home over Lake Mead at sunset - a birthday trip couldn't have been better. Many thanks to the crew of Serenity but also to our sensational pilot Mike Mad Dog Davis for the unforgettable trip. PS: The purchase of the memory stick with the films of our two flights (round trip) was worth 100%!

- Franco M

This tour rocks!

June 8, 2018

Our tour was with Mike "Maddog" Davis, a man who elevated the experience of viewing the Grand Canyon to new heights. His knowledge of the history of the Canyon, his obvious love of the subject and his accompanying music playlists combined to make this tour unforgettable. The canyon speaks for itself and is awe inspiring. All staff were professional and helpful, facilities were comfortable and clean. DO take advantage of the option to buy the video of your tour. It is personal and allows you to 'bask in the glow' of your trip, as well as share it with others - worth every penny! Thank you, Maddog and all, for the services you provide and especially, your attitude!

- Christine K

Best money I’ve spent on any excursion

June 7, 2018

My girlfriend and I took a tour of the Grand Canyon on a beautiful day at the end of May. We flew with 4 others and our pilot, Mad Dog Mike. The flight excited and stunned us. I was grinning ear to ear and Mad Dog’s commentary and sincere concern for our comfort and entertainment made the helicopter ride an experience we won’t forget. The Grand Canyon dazzles you from below and around you as you fly through and the landing space offers a beautiful view of the Canyon.

- Bill B

No amount of stars would do this experience justice

June 6, 2018

Do yourself a favour and a) book a helicopter to the canyon whilst in Vegas, and b) book with these guys! Why? I did so much research for this trip. It’s not only a fair whack of cash, but there’s the safety aspect too... and the reviews for Serenity were not wrong. Firstly, from the moment we booked, the service was second to none. We were celebrating my friends 40th birthday that day and the company went above and beyond to make it all extra special. We were lucky enough to have ‘Mad dog.’ What a great guy and a great character! The Canyon makes its own experience... Mad Dog topped it for us and took the stars off the scale. The music and the views had me crying, and if that wasn’t happening, his jokes had me crying! What a trip! I can’t speak highly enough for the company, the tour... and of course ‘Mad Dog.’ You’ve inspired me to change my life. Can’t thank you enough. Big hugs man!

- JoPullan

Worth every penny

June 6, 2018

Had a fantastic flight with Mad Dog, all staff very accommodating and super helpful. Life changing experience that I'd recommend to anyone!

- Samuel R

Experience of a lifetime!

June 4, 2018

Originally signed up for 5 PM sunset flight for the photo opportunity. Unfortunately, there were late afternoon wind warnings, so that flight was cancelled, but were able to get a 1:30 tour. The service and hospitality were impeccable, from the time we were picked up by Mica at the hotel, meeting the terminal staff and the doggies, and taking a joy ride with Miko. We all were educated on the history of Vegas, its growth, casino owners, waterfront properties, wild critters, and yes, the canyon itself. Miko got to know his passengers and how much fun we would have going over the cliffs and searching the ground for whatever caught our fancy. Absolute fun! I have to say that I felt very fortunate to have other "fun" passengers on the flight. Definitely a must do for the adventurous.... :)

- Denise85248